What is Coaching?

Health isn’t  just about diet and exercise - it’s about caring for the mind, body and soul. We will look at where you are, where you want to be and set steps that work for you to get there!

Coaching is NOT...

Coaching is...

A Partnership

Coaching is a partnership between coach and client. As a client, you guide the journey. as a coach, I offer support, encouragement and accountability. If you choose, we will also partner with your other health care professionals to ensure you reach optimal health in all areas of life. 

Opening a Door

The core belief of health and wellness coaching is that each person holds the key to their own best self. Operating from this belief, coaches seek to help each individual use their strengths and values to open the door to their best self. 


Health and wellness coaching is a journey structured to take months. Change is hard and change doesn't happen all at once. Knowing this, health and wellness coaching is developed so clients have the opportunity to consider what small steps can be made that fit their own life and continue to move them forward towards better health. 

An Experiment 

During the coaching journey, there is no right or wrong action step. Everything is a trial to see what works! Together, coach and client try new action steps, assess what went well and what didn't, and adjust to continue moving forward. 


Health and wellness coaches cannot diagnose medical conditions or prescribe medications, nutrition plans or exercise regimens. Coaches can work in partnership with medical professionals and clients to help implement changes prescribed by health care professionals. 

One Size Fits All 

Coaches do not follow a one-size-fits all plan! While all clients who participate in health and wellness coaching will experience the same structure, the experience and focus of the coaching depends exclusively on each individual. 


Health and wellness coaching is designed to carry individuals through the process of change. Coaches are trained to help clients implement behavior change strategies that can be carried forward once the coaching journey is complete. 

An Exact Science 

Change is all about trial and error - and so is coaching! Often, coaches and clients will develop what seems like a realistic plan only to have parts of it fall through. In coaching, we will celebrate what goes well and tweak what doesn't until we find a system that works for each client. 

Meet Rebecca 

A life-changing diagnosis brought me to the realization that balance is a necessity in life. After spending years over-training and over-working, I realized I needed to make some changes in caring for myself. My journey of finding balance in training, working and caring for myself led me to a new place of peace, presence and a renewed passion for walking alongside others in their journey of life. Driven by the truth that years of stress and imbalance could have been avoided, I set out on a journey to help others find this place of balance and presence for themselves. Ultimately, I have found health coaching to be the perfect place to truly engage with others as they seek to walk down the path to their optimal health. 

Prior to entering the field of health coaching, I worked as an educator in public schools for seven years. My experience in education has equipped me with an open mind, problem-solving skills, flexibility and the ability to connect with almost anyone! I still enjoy teaching online, running long distances, working on my family farm and helping raise two young men.

Training, Education and Experience

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, 2018

Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate,

Vanderbilt University, 2018

VA Whole Health Coach Mentor, 2018 - present

Adjunct Professor Health and Wellness Coaching, Meharry Medical College, 2018

Master of Education, King College, 2012

rweinandhwc@gmail.com       804-513-3968

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