Who can it help?

Health and wellness coaching can help almost anyone, anywhere! Whether you're searching for a change strategy that works for you, looking to improve your health, struggling with chronic disease or simply hoping to find peace and balance in your life, health and wellness coaching can help!

Looking for Change

Have you been trying to meet that goal for a while now? Have you made changes already, but having difficulty keeping with your new routine? Health and wellness coaching can help anyone looking to make and/or sustain positive change, but don't know where to start.

Health maintenance

Are you looking to improve your diet, increase your physical activity or develop a new sleep routine? Coaching can benefit anyone looking for specific health-related outcomes. Health and wellness coaching is also great for people seeking to manage chronic health conditions that are impacting quality of life. 


Do you just feel disconnected or tired of the daily drudge? Do you ever have a vision of yourself you'd love to turn into reality? Health and wellness coaching can help anyone who is looking to re-energize or re-connect with their health and wellness process. The goal of coaching is to help each individual connect to their optimum vision of self. 


Health and wellness coaching can help anyone, anywhere! Sessions don't have to be in person, but can easily be done over the phone, making coaching accessible to almost anywhere, regardless of location!

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I was drawn and compelled by Rebecca’s honest and caring personality, she was the spark of light and encouragement I needed. Her mindful presence is authentic and empowering. She is gifted at listening and supporting your vision and values. I was continually inspired by her insightful communication and genuine interest in supporting my goals.  Rebecca is with you all way!!

Melissa M.

Highlands Ranch, CO

 Rebecca helped me set goals, held me accountable, and allowed me to forgive myself. The goals gave me structure while at the same time allowing myself the room to take care of me. In such a crazy busy world, I found her coaching a valuable use of my time. 


Knoxville, TN

Rebecca does a fantastic job of helping to shape goals in a very personalized way! She does not mandate tasks, but makes inquiries in a specific manner that encourages you to craft your own missions in a way that will work for you. At the end of each call I always feel very positive about my progress and ready to tackle the next week, and I've truly noticed an improvement in my overall health and mentality since I've started working with her,

Megan P.


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